Giving Creators
Venture Building Superpowers💪

A new and more enjoyable way to startup.
Gamefully co-create with community.

Traditionally, there's been 2 ways to launch a startup

And these are the usual circumstances

(Solo or Small Team)

- Freedom
- Resources

Venture Capital
(Exclusive Network)

- Freedom
- Resources

*90% Failure Rate Taking These Approaches (Startup Genome)

We're experimenting with a 3rd way

And believe it's the future of entrepreneurship

Community Venture Building
(The Crowd)

- Freedom
- Resources
- Faster Product-Market Fit

The Innovation Sports League for Creator Communities

Reimagining Hackathons for the Metaverse

how it works

Powered by Community, Crypto, and AI

The league runs on Collab Kit

A suite of gamified venture building tools

Collab Campaigns

A launchpad for creators to offer their fans and supporters early access to their communities via guest passes, purchasing NFTs or credits, or by completing Quests

Collab Cards

Fans and supporters will have the opportunity to acquire NFT-based collectibles, which unlocks membership access and a variety of perks

Collab Communities

A new twist on Creator DAOs; members get insider access to creators' exclusive content & experiences and opportunities to collaborate on projects

Collab Coins

Members earn social tokens for contributing to projects; which can be redeemed in a variety of ways and confirm shared ownership

What's On Our Roadmap


Once creators finish the first phase of training camp, they begin their venture building journey by participating in play-to-earn innovation tournaments for a chance to win prizes & the glory

Collab Concierge

Our smart innovation assistant, OVi, will serve as a guide and personalize the league experience for players, teams, fans, and partners.

What's Coming Up

Whitepaper Release: December 6, 2021

Proof of Concept Release: January 3, 2022

Collab Card NFT Auction : TBD