Co-Create the Future

Making it easier for cutting-edge founders to attract funding and resources by building with community

building in public

Traditionally, there's been 2 ways to launch your startup

And these are the usual circumstances

(Solo or Small Team)

- Freedom
- Resources

Venture Funding
(Exclusive Network)

- Freedom
- Resources

*90% Failure Rate Taking These Approaches (Startup Genome)

We're experimenting with a 3rd way

And believe it's the future of entrepreneurship

Co-Creation Communities
(Open Innovation)

- Freedom
- Resources
- Faster Product-Market Fit

We call them "Collab Communities"

The Community Venture Building Platform

Offering the infrastructure to make all of the magic happen

how it works

Membership Seats

Get insider access to founder's exclusive content & experiences, and opportunities to earn a variety of rewards & to build startups with them

Influencer Collaborations

Influencers can discover the next up & coming innovators and create win/win opportunities to benefit all parties involved

Founder Forward Grants

Angel investors can support the rise of promising founders with equity-free grants in exchange for early access to future fundraising events

What's On Our Roadmap

Founder Cards (NFTs)

Angel Investors will have the opportunity to purchase "Founder Cards", which represents an Income Share Agreement (ISA) and additional perks

Collab Competitions

Think eSports for Innovation: Collab Communities can form teams and compete against each other for prizes, exclusive experiences, and the glory

Smart Innovation Assistant

A smart assistant for Collab Communities; enhancing the community's learning, analytic, creative, and experimental superpowers

We're Excited to Introduce

Initial Founder's Offering (4)

If companies can IPO, founders can IFO.

The Initial Founder’s Offering (IFO) is a membership drive campaign that aims to support and amplify the early-stage development of venture studios that are created by promising open entrepreneurs.

This is our first step towards pushing the boundaries of building with community.